1. Project title: Klubicko – social service for parents and children

Name: Diecézní charita Brno – Oblastní charita Jihlava (Regional charita Jihlava)

Address: Jakubske namesti 2, Jihlava 586 01

Phone, e-mail: +420 567 563 683 / klubicko@jihlava.charita.cz

Director: Mgr. Michal Novotný, on behalf of director : Mgr. Zuzana Pokorná

Project Manager: Vladislav Hamršmíd

Country : Czech

Region/City: Vysocina / Jihlava

2. Goals and target group of the project

Participants of the project are children and youths from the socially weakest families or the Roma minority. The services are developed to the different age groups and encompass:

Children from 3-5 years of age and their parents

Social service for parents and children

3.Activities during year 2015 - 2017

·         Education

·         Cooperation with the school

·         Parents and their children

·         Sport and  leisure activities

4.Summary / short description of the project progress

·         Four days per week there are special programmes for pre school children. The children are being prepared for school playfully. They learn the colours or are being schooled in coordination skills. Further the children also get education concerning their social behaviour (behaviour, eating habits and hygiene…)

·         Engagement with other kindergartens is being established to connect the Roma children with children from the majority population.

·         Parents are being actively involved in the supervision; project staff keep up regular contact with them.

·         Important aspects for the support of the children are sport and  leisure activities. (Excursions with the mothers, theatre visits, …)

·         Program for children from  3-5 years of age and their parents

·         These activities are the basic programs in Klubicko

Number of beneficiaries (male – female).




15 children during the day / 29 – 37 in year

Klubicko  - boys / girls

6 / 9

Contact / month


Parents of Klubíčko / contact

15 / 80

Events – Day of the Roma,  Theatre, dancing for public / people

200  people - theatre

8 / 666

How we select the beneficiaries.

In Klubicko we work with the parents and their children who have to be 3 – 5 years old.

Roma center has the rules for work.

Klubicko : 3 – 5  years and parents: 20 – 64 years

General lessons learnt. Future plans… 

Four times per week we have Klubicko for small children.

Future plans:

Better cooperations with parents - together meeting 2 times per month.

New program about prevention, education for parents.

More events for public in region Jihlava.

Project progress based on activities

Expected Results

(in accordance with the project document forming part of the application)

Results attained

Activities implemented to achieve goals


Regular attendance

Cooperation with


Educational program in Klubicko

Individual plans for children

Cooperation with teachers, families and volunteers

Attendance at Klubicko

Regular attendance

More children

Capacity - 100%

New programs

Key workers for children

Registration, rise new services

Participation in other activities of Klubicko – sport, culture, trips ...

At each event there is high attndance

Interesting programs

Cooperation of children in activities

Backwards supervision – questionnaire, talk

Public funds action

Day of Roma, theatre

At each event there is high attendance

Cooperation with parents

Cooperation with media for publicity

Cooperation with region

 Vysocina and City


Great cooperation



Public support of project Klubicko


Other activities:

·         In Klubicko Jihlava continues long-term educational program in cooperation with Foundation ERSTE BANK – Komensky Foundation.

·         Collective activities with school, teachers and family members.

·         Sports and culture activities. The Exhibition in theatre – We are dancing together”

·         Program for children at the age of 3 – 5  and their parents.

·         Klubicko cooperation with other organizations, education courses for teachers


Case studie:

Klubicko / parents

We have included parents in our new program with pre-school children. We meet regularly and we help to solve their problems. Specialists from the Civic counselling service take part in these meetings – we mainly solve troubles with debts and with the schedules of instalments. Parents have got used to comming to see us to get some advice.